Thursday, August 30, 2012

BMW i3 Carbon Fiber Discussion

In the video above Dr Jörg Pohlman, managing director of  SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers speaks to Altair ProductDesign about the company's partnership with BMW. BMW partnered with SGL Group to form SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers to manufacturer the composite materials with would be used on the i3 and other future BMW vehicles.

The extensive use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics is a cornerstone of BMW i's plans on producing low weight, efficient electric vehicles. However BMW clearly has plans to integrate more and more composites into the production of their gasoline and diesel vehicles also to improve efficiency. Because of their 49% stake in SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers Dr Pohlman believes BMW is leading the automotive industry in the use of composites and is in fact three to five years ahead of any of their competition in this area.

The CFRP passenger cell of an early version of the i3 undergoing internal crash test simulations


  1. I am really surprised more car makers aren't also investing in carbon. It seems obvious it will be the future. Volume manufacturing and new processes will drive the price down to compete with steel very soon. BMW is ahead of the curve in this regard for certain

    Phil Africk
    Westerville, OH

  2. If you ask me BMW is totally best in every thing they do, but my opinion make cars with Solar panels outside will be more effective for cars and users !