Friday, September 28, 2012

The i3 Shows off in Paris

The 2012 Paris Auto Show is underway and BMW has once again trotted out the concept i3, albeit with a new interior. There aren't much changes to the interior, just different materials and colors and the outside is still the same as we've seen for over a year now. With the launch of the i3 about a year away, I suspect we won't get our first glimpse of the real production version until after the New Year, probably at one of the early 2013 Auto Shows. While Paris didn't reveal anything new about the outward looks of the car, BMW did put out a nice display of the CFRP body shell and drive module, take a look:


  1. Thanks for the descriptive photos. Interior looks fine and I prefer to see more photos of the side view of BMW i3.

  2. Hey Tom, it was nice talking to you today at the NY stop of the tour. I hope many people had the chance to stop in this week and see the i3 and i8!

    1. Hey Eddie,

      That was really great to meet you! It's so cool when I bump into someone that recognizes me from my blogs!!

      From what I'm told there was a great turnout at the event and BMW was pleased. I'm going to put up a post about it soon, I've just been really busy with the holiday at my restaurant. Have a great Thanksgiving!