Thursday, April 18, 2013

BMW i3 Exclusive New Color: Solar Orange Metallic

Autoevolution scored some spy photos of a BMW i3 with a new color exposed. It's evidently a new color for BMW that will be exclusive to the i3 and it's called Solar Orange Metallic. BMW describes the new color as: "a warm shade bursting with energy that was created especially for the BMW i3." Autoevolution also said "For contrast, the bonnet and part of the boot lid will be gloss black" which would indicate the hood of the i3 will not be the painted the color of the rest of the car, but instead will be gloss black.

This was true for both of the concept i3's that BMW has shown but I think most people just assumed they had the two tone color scheme for dramatic car show effect. It's interesting to me because the hood & roof are CFRP, while the majority of the body is plastic panels that are bolted onto the CFRP frame. So if Autoevolution is right it would appear all the exposed CFRP will be simply gloss black regardless of the color of the rest of the car. And the tidbits of info keep coming...


  1. It's interesting that they continue to keep the side window scoop covered up. I think it looks much better like that--sleeker. Maybe BMW is assessing preferences by potential buyers : )

    1. Sorry - no such luck Chris. The body has probably been finalized for over two years now. I don't even think they could change it at this point if they wanted to without postponing the launch. The funky-looking rear window does take a bit getting used to though...

    2. I like the rear window! I agree they are unlikely to change the body (for this first generation i3), but that does not mean they have no interest in what people might think about design variations for second-gen i3s (e.g. the coupe). Awaiting September . . .

    3. . . . like the rear (hatch) window. I'd like them to uncover the rest of the "funky-looking" rear side window so we could all have a few months to get used to it before the big reveal.