Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BMW i3 on Display at the Welt

New BMW i3 sightings are occurring practically on a daily basis now. The latest was captured by blogautomobile, a French car blog which captures pictures of a white i3 parked under an artfully designed small solar canopy in front of the BMW Welt in Munich.

The nearly-naked i3 has limited camouflage covering only the belt-line and rear hatch area. It's pretty clear the rear side window they are hiding will have the same stream-flow design the i3 concept coupe has but it is still unclear what the rear hatch will look like. That and the interior are the only things we haven't been able to get good pictures of to date.

One thing to note is the wheels on the car are the flush "aero" wheels we've seen on i3's during road tests. I assumed these wheels were for testing purposes only but I'm beginning to think they may be the standard 19" wheels. I'm sure they are perfect for reducing drag, but I'm not too sure many buyers will appreciate the plain look. I know I'll be going for the wheel upgrade package if these are indeed the standard wheels. :)


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