Friday, July 19, 2013

Report: i3 Price To Be Announced on July 22nd

According to the French website, La Tribune, BMW will announce the retail price of the i3 on Monday, July 22nd, one week before the official introduction of the production i3. From the report(translated by Google):
"The urban electric BMW i3 will be launched in late November while the i8 plug-in hybrid will be launched it in the spring of 2014. But it is already possible to pre-book these unreleased vehicles. Access to bookings made via this link. Once the form is submitted, a priority on the production line is provided to the user. The customer who pre-booked their vehicle will then finalize its configuration agent "BMW i".
Trendy, BMW! The price of this new new range of "green" vehicles should be released on July 22, just before the presentation of the i3 29 simultaneously in London, New York and China, during a global event extravaganza. Pre-production of the i3 started in February-March. Series production begins in September."
i3 designer Benoit Jacob sits in an i3
There's no way confirm the validity of this report as BMW isn't talking, but the other information in the story is correct, giving reason to believe they have this right also. This is the first report that I've come across that has offered to give the date BMW will release the price. 
I've fluctuated on what I expect BMW to charge a bit the past couple years but I've always been around the $40,000 to $45,000 range. With the imminent release of the actual price upon us I'm pretty confident we'll see a base MSRP of about $41,000 and $43,000(before incentives) and if my feet were put to the fire I'd say $41,995. It looks like we'll know soon enough. What price do you expect?


  1. The announced price could be for the European market, but I hope the official US price is revealed aswell. I'd like to see the i3 come in around $42,000. (base price) before tax incentives.


    1. I really don't think they can announce European pricing and not US pricing. Perhaps, but it will only lead to confusion and speculation with regards to exchange rates. I'd be surprised and disappointed if that's the case and I think it would be a misstep by BMW i.

  2. I expect the base model i3 to come in at around $42,500 MSRP before incentives. I want the base model i3 to come in at around $37,500 MSRP before incentives.

  3. US pricing needs to begin under $45,000 for it to have a chance to be competitive. At $42,500 it's a $35,000 car after incentives and even less in some states like California with additional tax credits. The problem is BMW always posts a low base price and offers popular options at high cost. The i3 may have a base price of $42,500 but then you may want:
    range extender: $4,000
    navigation system: $1,500
    wheel upgrade: $1,750
    leather seats: $1,000

    sunroof: $995
    fast charging option: $1,000
    Now it's a $52,745 car. Add dealer prep and sales tax: $57,500. Subtract tax credit and it's still $50,000 car. I hope I'm off here because it looks like an exciting little car.