Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunroof/Moonroof Follow Up

After coming across some more pictures that show the interior roof, I'm pretty sure the sunroof option will have the two individual openings as seen above, separated by a structural support in the center of the roof and each opening will have independent interior shades to slide forward and close one half at a time. However the whole glass top will open as one piece as seen in the video of the previous post. Pretty cool design. I really like that you can close the shade screen on your side if the sun is bothering you and your passenger can leave it open if they prefer it that way. Sunroof solved!

Edit: Some new pictures that show the sunroof openings:


  1. It's seems that you are right, as always!
    I know almost for sure that there will be a glass roof, electrical, with the possibility to adjust rolling covers either on the passenger side, driver side, or both!

    1. Thanks. It seems certain this is the set-up. I like it!

  2. LOveMine :) in my 018 REX takes that stuffy feel away totally that you get in an i3