Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BMW i3 Marketing Stepping Up

The i3 is set to launch in the UK, Germany and other select European countries in about two weeks now and BMW i marketing is preparing for the launch. Ads for the i3 and i8 are appearing in magazines and now a new video(seen above) has surfaced on the BMW UK YouTube channel.

I have been a bit critical of the little I've seen so far to promote the i3 and feel like BMW has been leaning on the sustainability angle way too much. In addition it seems like every short video clip they have made features a slim/metrosexual/surfer type. I'm not the only person to say this either, in fact of Richard Read of Green Car Reports wrote a whole tongue-in-cheek article on this, asking if BMW is only interested in waify metrosexuals to buy their i3's!

The good news is this spot is much better than what has previously been out there. I particularly like how the video has the i3 and i8 driving down a street in Chicago together to signify that they are born from the same genes but at a point they turn in different directions because, let's face it, although they have the same genetics these are two very different cars with different purposes. The camera follows the i3 until it eventually enters the car to show the interior and the drivers point of view before moving onward.

There is no talk of sustainable living, recycled materials or plant based door panels and key FOB. We hear about making choices, intelligent and efficient, lightweight carbon fiber, driving pleasure, electric and finally we're asked "Are you ready?" All to the perfectly selected and inspiring tune of Claire's Horizon (Broken Promise Land version). This is much more like it. Now sprinkle in a few video clips of an i3 screaming around a racetrack with one of your professional drivers at the wheel and we'll be lining up for test drives.


  1. Most designers have an image in their heads of trendy skinny wealthy-ish people buying their products. Ralph Lauren makes a polo shirt called "custom fit", it's tapered in the body and has shorter sleeves. I always look at these shirts and think "how many people does he think can fit in these and be comfortable". So just ignore the models in the videos, they obviously don't appreciate great Italian food. ; )

  2. I like this too. I wouldn't worry what they have put out there so far Tom, that was all low budget social media type stuff. BMW will now pull out the big guns and I bet they will have a massive media blitz for the i3 launch.


  3. This months 20th anniversary issue of Top Gear magazine has a huge advertisement for BMW-i right in the beginning of the magazine. With the poster featuring the i3 and i8 it's like six pages. It also promotes the new short interactive video app called, BMW i3 Become Electric 360 Film, search "BMW 360" and I'd recommend it for the iPad (iPad 2 and up). And I'm in the US just like you Tom so you should be able to find Top Gear magazine if you'd like to see the add.