Saturday, October 12, 2013

BMWBLOG Road Tests the i3: "Welcome to The Future"

I don't often create a post here simply to direct the readers to another site but there are rare occasions where I believe it's worth doing so. Followers here know I have a good relationship with BMWBLOG and even write posts for them about electric cars from time to time. Shawn Molnar from BMWBLOG is currently over in Amsterdam on a press drive for the i3 and he just posted his initial report on his driving impressions. There really haven't been any comprehensive driving reports on the i3 yet since previous journalist test drives were brief and in pre-production i3's. With comprehensive test drives of real production i3's we will now begin to get a better understanding on how well it performs.

So how did BMWBLOG like the first production electric car from the brand? You can read the full story here, but I'll give you the condensed version in a couple quotes form the author:

"The i3 positively rocketed through the autocross with fly-like changes of direction, neck-straining acceleration from low speeds, and strong braking performance."

"So quick was the i3 through this wet autocross that my hands were challenged to keep up – I’ve never driven any BMW product so nimble through cones. I reckon that a stock i3 could trounce most auto-crossing M cars through tight courses with plentiful direction changes and short scoots between turns."

"I’d also fancy a stab at my local BMW Club’s autocross championship. I reckon the i3 would give a whole slew of M cars a run for their money."

"There is so much to say about the i3 that I hardly know where to start. But since my heart generally gravitates towards lateral-Gs, let’s start in the dynamics department. This is perhaps the greatest epiphany of the i3 – its staggering performance."
So far, so good! :)

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