Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Have i3 Questions? Ask Nikki!

A good friend of mine, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield just reached out to me to let me know she would have some driving time in an i3 this Friday. Nikki runs the Transport Evolved Network and has had me as a guest on her Transport Evolved podcast a few times in the past. Anyway, she scored an i3 for an extended drive  and wanted to know if any of my followers had any specific questions that she could answer, or any road test she could perform for you while she was driving. Here's the link to her site where she asks:
"BMW i3 Electric Hatchback: What Do YOU Want To Know?"

Click through and post your questions. Nikki will do her best to answer every one of them!


  1. Please do a range test! Drive normally with a 50/50 mix of highway and city and run it till you get the warning bells and whistles please!

  2. Since stopping is possible just by releasing foot from accelerator, does the braking tail red light illuminate?

    I have seen some german video showing problems of opening the second raw door while first raw passengers are buckled up. Can you check this out?

    Could you please fold the back seats and take a picture of the extended cargo area?

    When in REx mode, is the waste heat available for heating? How quickly does it warm up the cab?

    How does it heat in EV mode? Heat pump or heat strip or radiation pads?

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Nikki
    Can the 2017 BMW i3 charge using a 3 phase 22kW Charger. If so how long does it take from empty to full?