Friday, December 13, 2013

The First-Ever BMW i3 Hot-Lap Video

Now this is more like it! I've talked to quite a few people within BMW that have driven the i3 on a track and have promised me it is a capable performer, worthy of the BMW name. The test drives for reporters and the public so far haven't really allowed for this kind of performance validation so it's good to see the i3 tearing around a track. This appears to just be a teaser video, so hopefully we'll get a longer version of this driving event soon. This is my kind of sustainability: Sustaining my driving pleasure!


  1. Looks like a fun day but I hope there is a longer version too, that's frustrating to watch. Whoever edited the video really thought 38 clips in 44 seconds was a good idea ?

    1. We'll see a lot more of this shoot, just not sure when :)

  2. That's just a tease. I heard they are releasing a long version. That i3 in the video has the range extender, you can see the gas filler door on the front passenger side panel. I'd like to see them demonstrate how fast it is in charge sustaining mode. My Volt is just as quick with the range extender running.

    1. You "heard" that? Do tell from where. It is obvious to me that this is a teaser like you say, but unless you worked on this project I'm not sure how you would hear about it. This stuff is kept very quiet until its released.

  3. I asked some questions to a french journalist who tested the i3 with REx, production version. Here you have a translation of my questions and the answers.

    I have read your detailed test
    (please see
    and you are one of the rare journalists to have tried the REx. I still have some questions.

    1. Can you describe the noise the generator produces?
    The sound is hardly noticable when you drive, but much loader when you stand outside next to the car. I was amazed about that when I got out of the car, REx still turning, to take a photo. But inside, it’s quiet.

    2. Does it function a lot or only at the end of the battery life? (This question doesn’t make sense for the US version, where it always will start functioning only when the battery is nearly empty).
    You can start the REx manually as soon as the battery is 75% depleted, if not it starts very late, when the battery is nearly empty. When I had only 8 km left in the battery, still the REx was silent…

    3. I understand from your review that the speed is limited at 110 km/h when you drive with the REx activated and the battery nearly empty. Can you be more precise?
    The speed limitation seems electronical. The way you arrive at the limit feels exactly like the speed limitation of the Eco Pro+ mode, albeit at a higher speed (it is 90 km/h with Eco Pro+).

    4. While you’re driving with the REx activated and battery nearly empty, does the behavior of the car feels the same as before when you drove while the REx didn’t work? Or does it get less sporty, like in Eco Pro+ mode?
    I did hardly feel any difference, if any. And in city driving none at all. It stays sporty if you’re not in Eco Pro+ mode, with or without REx activated.