Sunday, January 12, 2014

BMW i3 Samsung Galaxy Gear App Overview Video

I'm heading off to NAIAS in a few hours to cover the show for InsideEvs and one of the things I'll be doing there is meeting Horatiu Boeriu of BMWBLOG and Samsung to review and discuss their new partnership with BMW and the BMW i3 Samsung Galaxy Gear App. The above Samsung TV video shot at CES in Las Vegas last week gives an overview of the features. Hopefully I'll get more info on the partnership at the show. You can enjoy this video for now.


  1. I guess my only question is WHY? if the same functionality is available on a smartphone, why would we want to carry another device?

  2. Same reason that Model S owners with Google Glass use It's another way to access the car and justify spending money on another tech toy and have "something" more useful to run on it.

    Of note, I'm "using" the with my Model S. (though the iOS App is easier to use.)

  3. Nice Feature, I will use the phone app and leave the wrist radio to Dick Tracy