Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Comprehensive i3 Video Review By Nissan LEAF Owner in the UK

It seems that nearly every day now there are new short video clips of i3 reviews posted on YouTube. When I come across one that I feel is done very well, I'll post it here. Such is the case with the above video made by Grant Thomas from the UK. Grant maintains a blog called "The Grant Thomas Blog: Sustainability, Electric Cars & Technology News and Comment" where he posted this i3 video review.

Grant owns a Nissan LEAF so he is an experienced electric vehicle owner and in my opinion that gives his review a little more credibility than some others done by journalists with very little real life electric vehicle experience. The video is about a half hour long and he does manage to cover a lot so pour yourself a nice cup of coffee (or a glass of wine), and kick back and enjoy!


  1. great video, great review, thank you

  2. Excellent video and review. Difficulty with electric cars at present I feel is the niggling feeling that if I wait another year or 2 the technology will have moved on and I will get a lot more for my money. I guess the answer is Grant's 3rd option of taking the car on a shortish lease so as to be free to jump ship when that new break through vehicle comes along