Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BMW Website now has i3 Information

BMW now has an i3 section on their website. While it doesn't have any new information that hasn't been available here and on the internet for a while now, at least they have begun to post information about it. While it's still over two years away from production, there are a lot of people following it and waiting for every bit of information as it's released.


  1. http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/bilder/bmw-und-mini-zukunft-bis-2014-bmw-i3-i8-4er-und-mini-coupe-702396.html?fotoshow_item=26#fotoshow_item=31

    i3 shot without camouflage

  2. I've seen that but I thought it was just another rendering by Auto Motor und Sport taking a guess at what it was going to look like. It does look real from in this photo though, but they could do wonders with the CGI now.
    Thanks for sending!

  3. After some checking, I was correct. It's just a computer generated guess at what the car will look like. There are some things that will obviously be different like the nose and rear. The headlights will certainly be much lower and thee is going to be a pronounced bump in the hood, of which I'm not too sure I like very much but we'll see...

  4. I sure hope that the i3 will look as close to the concept sketch as the i8 does to its concept model. A 3 door hatch sounds great, although I'd prefer a 2 door coupé

  5. John,

    It does look like the car is a bit more "boxy" than the streamlined sketch, but you never know how they are masking the real appearance.
    It does seem to have a pronounced bump in the front grill area and I'm not sure I'm liking it, but as I said, they might just be doing that to throw us off.