Thursday, July 5, 2012

BMW i Born Electric Tour Kicks Off in Rome

The Concept i3 on display in Rome

I recently did a post to announce the BMW i Born Electric world tour. Now that the tour has begun, John Voelcker of Green Car Reports asked me to to a story on the tour for GCR. There isn't to much details yet about what exactly was discussed, but we know the tour is more than just a venue to display the i3 and i8.

Stacy Morris of BMW i told me there will be different content in each of the stops, custom tailoring the discussions and workshops on how BMW i will integrate with that particular city. The New York tour stop is in November and you can bet I'll be there! You can read the entire GCR article here.


  1. HUH??? No West coast stop? California started this whole plug-in car movement with CARB and is the biggest electric car market in the world. Why wouldn't they have an expo here?

  2. Hi WIlliam. Yes, California is an EV hotbed, no doubt. The only reason I can come up with is they are only making one stop in each country and they really NEED(in my opinion) to be in New York. The is is BMW's 'megacity' car and New York is the biggest city in the US with the largest population by far. However, I'd like them to have visited both coasts also.

  3. no doubte new york needs 2 be the route taken 1st tyme i scene this vehicle i was amazed with its tech knology 2 keep this shorte as 2 my type at tymes becomes loste in its way of tell bMw (engin33ring) fineste