Monday, May 27, 2013

BMW Presents "Driving the Next Movement" Video Series

BMW recently introduced a series of eleven short videos titled "Driving the Next Movement". I was surprised to find one of the video's(number seven & shown above) featured me talking about my experiences driving my MINI-E and ActiveE, and how I have come to accept the range of these cars without compromising my lifestyle.

I have spent a good a lot of time over the past few years being filmed by BMW and talking about my EV experiences without really knowing exactly what BMW had planned to use it for so it definitely was cool to see some of my interviews being used.

The entire video series can be seen from the BMW Group YouTube page from this link. They are all about BMW's electric vehicle program, the materials used and manufacturing process of the i3. Take a half hour and watch all eleven video's, they are really interesting as well as informative.


  1. I love it! Nice job Tom keep spreading the word! Now I have to watch the other ten videos! :)

  2. I just watched all 11 videos. Thanks for posting the link they were all pretty cool. Nice job with yours too, especially when you were talking about your EV's becoming the households primary car. I have heard this from many other electric car owners also

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