Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BMW Teams Up With Solarwatt to Offer Solar Carports

As someone that have been driving an electric vehicle and charging it with renewable energy from my rooftop solar array for more than three years now, I can certainly appreciate this concept. BMW just announced a partnership with German based Solarwatt to provide solar carports for their i brand customers. It's unclear if these products will be available to customers here in the US as well as Europe, but I'd bet if that's not the case then there will be a similar arrangement with a US vendor also.  

For BMW's ActiveE customers like myself, BMW partnered with Real Goods Solar  last year to offer a discounted rate for any ActiveE lessee that wanted to have solar installed at their home and many took advantage of the offer. It's clear the synergy of EV + PV makes both technologies even better and manufacturers like BMW realize this and want to capitalize on the opportunity as well as make the path to using renewable energy for their customers easier.
My 8.775kW solar array powers my car and nearly all of my household electric needs.

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  1. That is very cool, thanks so much for sharing this. I think that solar carports is probably a work in progress. It is very intriguing to say the very least.