Sunday, June 30, 2013

BMW i3 Interior Pictures Captured

Super-thin seats of the i3. They'll save weight but will they be comfortable and supportive?
There have been dozens of i3 spy photos captured over the past couple years since BMW has been field testing mule i3's in hot and cold weather climates. Until last week the cars have been camouflaged with a blue swirly cover that effectively disguises the body lines beneath it. However they have all been exterior pictures. Nobody has really been able to capture any interior pictures at all, until now.

An Autokarma follower happened upon a parked i3 on the streets of Leipzig, Germany which didn't have its interior completely covered so he snapped some shots with his cell phone. Although much of it was covered, the seats are completely visible and we get to see them for the first time. They are surprisingly thin, no doubt to save weight. The picture of the rear seats is kind of dark but what you can take from it is there will be plenty of rear leg room which is uncommon in a car of this size and much more than there is in a BMW 1 series like my ActiveE. In fact, I'd say it looks like there is at least as much room in the rear seating area than there is in a 3-Series. This would confirm what BMW NA electric vehicle program manager Jacob Harb said at last years LA Auto Show, that the i3 would have about as much interior passenger room as a 3-Series even though the exterior dimensions are much smaller.
The rear seats will have plenty of legroom

Now that BMW has pretty much shown the whole exterior and are leaving pre-production i3's on the streets of Germany it can't be long in my opinion before we get to see the whole car. I had previously assumed BMW would hold off to the Frankfurt Auto Show to reveal the production i3, but recent reports have claimed it will be much sooner than that and I'm beginning to believe that will be the case. All the better!
Practically uncovered i3's now roam the streets in Germany. BMW is still obscuring the funky look of the rear window though.
The video above is brief but you can see the interior a bit and even an armrest which people have asked about. It was shot by Joachim Kerscher in Sittenbach, Germany. He just happened to see the car drive by his house so he drove around looking for it and found it parked here. 


  1. Those are some thin seats there. I hope they have enough cushion to be comfortable. A $50,000 car better have comfy and supportive seats!

  2. Thanks for the pics Tom. The seats look similar to the Tesla Model S.

  3. I'm happy to see that BMW have kept the thin space efficient seats from the concept car. But I've yet to see an arm rest, has anyone seen arm rests between the front seats yet?


  4. CDspeed:

    Yes, there will be an armrest. Look at this video a friend in Germany shot. At 33 sec you can see there is an armrest. It passes quickly so pause the video at 33 sec.

  5. New flash, BMW has just posted a video that announces the debut of the i3 set for July 29th.


    1. Yep! look at the Twitter bar on the left. I retweeted the announcement earlier today. I'm not sure if we'll get all the technical specifications then, but we will see the final production version.