Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BMW i3 Color Choices

Unfortunately the blue and white swirly camouflage cover will not be a factory option but owners are welcome to custom paint their i3 like this if they've grown fond of looking at it on the car for two years now! I'll pass.
There has been no official confirmation on what color options will be available on the i3 but rumors have been swirling lately as journalists have been given access to pre-production i3's to test drive on closed courses.

We've seen what I've identified as six different colors so far; two slivers, two grays, a white and a new color specifically made for the i3 identified by BMW as Solar Metallic Orange. That's not much of a wide variety but it's not to say BMW is holding back some for the launch.

Update 8/1/13: I was correct and these are the six color offerings for the i3. I updated the names to the reflect the correct names BMW has designated.

Laurel Gray

Andesite Silver

Ionic Silver

Solar Metallic Orange - Made specifically for the i3

Capparis White

I don't know the official names of the colors for any of these except for Solar Metallic Orange that BMW announced recently. What's your favorite color here and do you expect BMW is holding back on different color options?


  1. White looks the best

  2. The orange metallic for me

  3. Seemingly boring choices present. We will have more variety hopefully although the red and silver blue are presentable

  4. Solar metallic orange would be my 1st choice but the basic gray with the black hood accent will probably look sweet too.

    The dark gray looks like they just clearcoated the cfrp, could that be true?

  5. If clearcoated CF were available, that would be my choice.

    1. The body panels are actually thermoplastic, not CF. The hood and roof is CF and those are not painted the color of the car, they are black. I don't know it it's just clear coated CF or if it's actually painted black though.

      I know painting the CF was a concern of BMW so it seems they just avoided it entirely by making the outer body panels thermoplastic.