Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BMW i3 Visualizer Goes Live

Thanks to follower CDspeed for posting the link to the new BMW i3 vehicle configurer or Visualizer as they call it for the US market. Here you can check out the different interior and exterior options, wheel choices and colors Pricing isn't available yet as it is on the German BMW i3 site, but it is nice to see the car in various colors and wheel combinations so you can decide which one you need to start saving for!

Here's the link to the site: BMW i3 Visualizer

For those interested in pricing options for the German market you can download the list here


  1. The UK's BYO page doesnt have the 360 interior & exterior spin view-ability that this EN international visualizer page does but does show the different wheel choices spinning ("in action", if you will), in case there was anyone who wasn't committing to the 20" options by default :-)


  2. Wow, I'm honored thank you. One thing I learned a long time ago is European manufacturers post different and sometimes more informative information on their other sites. You can even find pictures you haven't seen or accessories you can buy that aren't available in the US.