Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leaked: Production i3 Pictures!

Looking very similar to the i3 concept coupe, the i3's interior is one of its finest visual accomplishments

The Dutch website Autoblog.nl just released what appears to be a full set of production-ready i3 pictures, no doubt supplied by BMW to a Dutch newspaper which probably released them a few days before they were supposed to. I would believe they were supposed to hold them until after the July 29th official i3 introduction, but jumped the gun. I originally held off posting them for a few hours but they are spreading around the internet now so I suppose it's safe to put them up here as they are out there already and I don't want to be last to the party!

The elusive frunk is shown!
There aren't many surprises but we do get to see the front trunk (frunk) for the very first time. I have been trying to get a picture of this for a while, but none existed anywhere.  It looks a little bigger than I expected, and should be capable of holding two grocery-sized bags. I imagine it's where I'll keep my extension cords, connectors, portable EVSE (seen in the picture) and such.

It's also clear there will be two different interior trim levels. One has the Eucalyptus wood dash trim and the other looks a bit like exposed carbon fiber, though it's hard to tell from the pictures as they aren't high definition. Actually, they aren't even real pictures, but highly detailed marketing sketches.  Thoughts?




  1. Looks good! Can't wait to see in person

  2. It's not a Danish but Dutch website. NL is'nt Denmark, DK is.

  3. Looks awesome, theres no disappointment here if anything I'm even more excited.


  4. No surprises. I like the non-wood interior but what material is that up on the dash, looks like felt! The wheels are also much nicer than the ones in your previous posts. The interior is really stunning. I think it's the nicest I've seen on any car. Clean, uncluttered and very contemporary. Can't wait for a test drive

  5. I hope the color choices are more exciting than what we've have been shown so far. I love the car but not the dull colors. It should pop!