Monday, July 1, 2013

The i3 Cometh

It's official. The world premier of the production version of the BMW i3 will take place on July 29th. It's a little surprising since most people have speculated that would happen at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September but evidently BMW had different plans.

BMW posted a short video on YouTube that was primarily smiling people jumping for joy and urging us to learn the German word "Vorfreude", which basically means excited anticipation. Even though it wasn't really for my taste, it pretty much summed up how a lot of people feel about it. It's been over three years since BMW first announced the i3 as the "Megacity Car" and there has been a LOT of speculation and intrigue about the i3. This blog alone has had 45,000 pageviews and it's not a commercial site and I don't advertise or promote it, people just find it searching for i3 news. 

I think most people following the i3 have a pretty good idea how it will look already as there have been many spy photos and the recent ones have hardly had any camouflage. However it will still be great to see the final product polished up and on display. I don't know if we'll get any technical specifications at the premier, but with Frankfurt only two months away now, it won't be long before all the details are announced. Exciting times indeed!
The production i3 will be VERY similar to the i3 concept coupe. Just add the rear coach doors and make a few subtle changes and this is it!


  1. I've been following here for two years now Tom and you've been my main source of information for the car. Thank you for all the timely updates even when the information available was thin. I can only imagine how excited you are now although BMW has probably allowed to to see one already ;)

  2. The i3 electric city car is coming, with its official debut timed for July 29. Are you excited about the pint-sized electric Bimmer? Will you buy one? YEAH! :)