Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Video Shows i3 Having Some Fun

A video posted on YouTube today by BikingInTheFreeWorld shows a Capparis White i3 having some fun on some roads in Germany. The video was shot from behind by the driver of a motorcycle and it's clear the driver of the i3 had more on their mind then "sustainable transportation". See for yourself.


  1. Ah, the reason you would buy an i3 over other EVs, and most other ICE cars -- fast and nimble (and silky smooth). The Model S is certainly fast, but not light and nimble. The Mini Cooper is light and nimble, and fast, but no single-pedal speed control, no massive low-end torque, and no sexy skinny tires : )

  2. It's no slow poke, that i3 was passing with ease.