Friday, August 30, 2013

Register to Test Drive an i3

For a while now BMW has allowed interested parties in some areas of Europe to register to test drive an i3 when they are available. In fact they made some news a few weeks ago when they announced they have over 100,000 people already signed up to do so. Well, i3 enthusiasts here in the States can now register also and they will be notified once BMW begins offering test drives. It's likely that will happen well before the cars are available in dealerships for purchase, so if you are interested in seeing if the i3 lives up to BMW's "Ultimate driving machine" heritage then follow this link and sign up.


  1. I registered on 8/5, on BMW's international website, it did allow me to pick the US. And when the BMW i app updated to feature only the production i3 I registered again.


  2. Thanks for the heads up. Was planning to contact my local dealership, but this is even better.