Sunday, February 9, 2014

BMW i3 Sochi Olympic Commercials Revealed

BMW has released a series of commercials that will be used for commercials during the Sochi Winter Olympics which just opened yesterday. There are spots for many of the new BMW products but the BMW i3 spots will be the first commercials ever aired in the US for the car so I've posted them here.

The commercials are titled "Shhh", "Reasons", "Cop" and "Zero Gallons". I really like Shhh & Cop. I think Reasons is OK and am not a big fan of  Zero Gallons. Shhh (seen above) is great. A father comes home and when his son wonders why he didn't hear him pull up the dad says "Electric car...sneaky" and goes off to bed. This gives the kid the great idea of sneaking out quietly with the car for a rendezvous with his girlfriend; something that many teenage kids do. I remember pushing my dads 1976 Oldsmobile Starfire out of the driveway late at night so he wouldn't hear me "borrowing" it. I would then shut it off before I reached the driveway when I was coming home so I could silently coast back in without waking him. I could have really used a quiet EV for these stealth, late night adventures back then. However in the commercial the i3's smartphone app does the kid in, waking his dad to alert him of the cars charging status! Very clever spot.

The video below, Reasons, takes a swing at the idea that people only want to drive electric cars to reduce their carbon footprint, to help clean the air, to live a sustainable lifestyle, etc or in other words to save the world. But people buy cars for many reasons, and how well the car drives is one of the most important reasons of all. With the i3, you don't have to sacrifice driving pleasure to get all the other positives that driving electric brings, and this spot tries to drive that home.

"Cop" is easy to understand. The i3 is fast and fun to drive. You won't find yourself wanting to crawl along at 5 miles per hour under the speed limit in the slow lane if you have one. You'll more likely find yourself stomping the accelerator whenever you can. This will likely lead to unwanted attention by the men in blue.

While I like the message Zero Gallons was attempting to convey, I think it misses the mark. "This is our most efficient vehicle yet. With zero miles per gallon...more specifically, zero gallons."  Most of the i3's sold in the US are going to have the range extender option, so they won't really use "Zero Gallons" in the first place. But even if BMW wanted to get the "all electric" message out there, they could have done it better in my opinion. Perhaps show the car whizzing by a deserted gas station with tumbleweeds rolling past the pumps and the driver with a clever smirk on his face. Hopefully this one will get the least airplay because the other three offer much more powerful messages. 

The video below features the BMW i8, but it's really a commercial for the whole BMW i brand. The video uses the words of science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke and uses an array of futuristic cityscape visuals and then introduces the i8. It's inspiring, and reminds us that we aren't even capable of knowing what to expect in the future, and the i8 is just a taste of what kind of cars we are going to be driving very soon. 

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