Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breaking: BMW i3 Wins 2014 World Green Car And World Car Design Of The Year!

Breaking news from The BMW i3 swept both awards it was a finalist for which were 2014 World Green Car And 2014 World Car Design Of The Year. Here's what InsideEVs had to say:

From the shortlist of finalists, a winner in both categories emerged. Here first are the shortlisted automobiles:

World Green Car
- Audi A3 Sportback g-tron (+ Audi e-gas)
- BMW i3
- Volkswagen XL1

World Car Design of the Year
- BMW i3
- Mazda3
- Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The winner, in both categories, is the BMW i3.

So, BMW can now add 2014 World Green Car and 2014 World Car Design of the Year to the list of awards the i3 has racked up.
BMW i3

In regards to the 2014 World Green Car award, BMW’s Dr. Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing, stated:
“To have the BMW i3 named World Green Car of the Year is a great honor.  From the production process onwards, the BMW i3 is a truly sustainable vehicle, created with the needs of the 21st century city in mind.”
Meanwhile, the World Green Car judges offered this comment:
“Radical in looks, construction, and powertrain, the BMW i3 is one of very few clean-sheet-of-paper cars designed from the ground up for efficiency, with the different needs of the new century’s megacities in mind. From its last-kilometer navigation system to take drivers from car to destination, to the shipped-around-the-world carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body shell without a B-pillar, the BMW i3 pushes boundaries on many fronts.”
Eligibility for World Green Car is as follows:
To be eligible for the 2014 World Green Car award, a vehicle had to be all-new, or substantially revised, in production and introduced for sale or lease to the public in quantities of at least 10 in at least one major market during the period beginning January 1, 2013 and ending May 31, 2014. Tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption, and use of a major advanced power plant technology (beyond engine componentry), aimed specifically at increasing the vehicle’s environmental responsibility, were all taken into consideration.
Moving on to the World Car Design of the Year award, BMW’s Dr. Ian Robertson commented:
“On behalf of the BMW design team, we are delighted that the BMW i3 has received the World Car Design of the Year award.  Our designers created a car that, through its design and use of sustainable materials, is an expression of the future.”
The design judges posted this statement on the i3′s selection:
“Unlike other BMW cars, the i3 has a boxy shape, which suggests roominess and efficiency. But it still retains BMW’s typical dynamism thanks to the larger diameter wheels and the very short overhangs both on front and rear. Besides that, the i3 expresses the sub-brand’s own character with using unique design features, including the black bonnet and the side window graphics that goes through the rear pillar. The interior is more surprising and attractive. It marks radical leap of car interior design, and it spreads as calm yet rich feeling as a modern living room.”
 About the World Car Awards
Now in their tenth year, the annual World Car Awards are now the number one awards program in the world based on Prime Research’s 2013 report. The awards were inaugurated in 2003, and officially launched in January 2004, to reflect the reality of the global marketplace, as well as to recognize and reward automotive excellence on an international scale. The awards are intended to complement, not compete, with existing national and regional Car of the Year programs.


  1. Tom...
    I can't wait for the Bluestar to come out in two years!

  2. I'm also anxiously awaiting Tesla's 3rd gen. Don't expect it in two years though. It's doubtful Tesla will be making them in any real quantities until at least 2018. The Model X was originally promised to be available at the end of 2013. Then it was pushed back to 2014 and now we are told it won't be here till 2015. Bluestar will be lucky to be here in 2018 and that's why I've ordered a white launch edition all electric i3 to drive until Bluestar is out. After driving an i3 in Las Vegas at CES I was hooked. It's the best driving EV in the world besides then Model S and it nearly matched that in my opinion.

  3. Peter is correct. Tesla's Bluestar isn't projected to arrive until 2017 and most likely that means 2018 at the earliest.

    It's definitely on my short list as the replacement for my i3 in four years. If Tesla even comes close to their goal with regards to range and price there will definitely be one in my garage in 2018!

  4. Well deserved these two awards. I did a test drive in the i3 yesterday in Atlanta, GA and the car is spectacular. The acceleration takes your breath away, literally. Reserved one in January and can't wait for its delivery in 2 months.

  5. World Car Design Of The Year? I think this is a great mistake. Alot of cars has a better design than this one