Friday, December 23, 2016

BMW i3 Deep Dive Book Now Available

The BMW i3 is anything but the average car. Not only is it BMWs first electric offering, it's also the only car available today that has an optional auxiliary power unit; the range extender. It's really unlike any car that's ever been available, and unsurprisingly, it's often misunderstood.

Most people really don't understand how the range extender works; what it can do, and what its limits are. This is, unfortunately even true for many of the client advisers selling them! So getting information on how the  car works out there is very important. BMW has produced a series of videos that help to explain the i3. While very helpful to new owners, they don't go into too much of the technical details that many people are also interested in.
The book is filled with graphs on charging, range, power, consumption, etc
Enter BMW i3 owner and engineer, David Bricknell. Earlier in the year, David published a book called "Electric Vehicles and the BMW i3" that was full of technical information, including detailed charts and graphs. The success of the book inspired him to create a 2nd edition, which provides an even deeper dive and more information than before. David kindly asked me if I would wrote the foreword for this edition, and I happily accepted.

Whether you're an i3 owner, a data junkie, or just an all around an electric vehicle enthusiast, I believe you'll find the book very interesting and extremely informative. There's so many technical details in there, I bet the BMW engineers who designed the i3 could learn something by reading it! Electric vehicles are very different than the cars we've all gotten used to driving. The more information we have on these vehicles the better understood they'll be, which will lead to faster adoption.

I'd gladly pay $20 for this book, but the best part is you don't have to pay anything. David is offering it for free. It's available for download on iTunes or for reading on issuu. Please leave comments below after reading it. I'd like to know your thoughts and suggestions on what could be added to make it even better. 


  1. While it's nice that Mr. Bricknell wrote a book, after two and a half years of driving in our i3 BEV what's great about this little car is that we don't need to know anything about the technology. Plug it in at night, drive it the next day, plug it in again that night.

    Driven in a manner consistent with the i3's design brief (mega-city car) and the car is stellar.

    1. And you're not alone! There's plenty of people that just want to get in and drive. But there are also a lot of people that can't get enough of this kind of stuff, so here it is! :)

  2. Hi Tom.
    I have found this powerpoint, which shows the i3 motor effiency.
    I think the diagram on site 6 gives a great view, why an EV is an ICE superior.

  3. Downloaded the book and it's a great read!!

  4. Tom,

    Thank you so much for the blog. You own a Chargepoint Express 100, right? I have been stung many times by this model having an "internal fault" or only delivering 12 kW. How does your station perform? Why are these stations such pieces of junk? Why does Chargepoint continue to sell them when they seem so unreliable?


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